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Since 1987 Professional Transcription Services (PTS) has been fulfilling the medical transcription needs of the health care community. PTS is a professionally organized and managed operation comprised of both educated and work-experienced transcriptionists dedicated to providing quality, confidential patient care documentation. Having the technology, work environment and resources to support quality performance, PTS utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to enable high quality, accurate documentation of medical information to be delivered in a timely manner. Of special note to our clients, we also provide on-site installation of dictation equipment and training, at no additional cost.

We are a unique service that allows you to focus on your patient and populate your electronic medical record without focusing on a computer screen. We give you the opportunity to provide outstanding patient care without any loss in productivity. We do this by giving you the capability of dictating your patient notes without any change to your day to day operations. Doesn’t high quality patient care mean physicians who focus on their patients instead of their computer screen? Our interface team populates your EMR as if you had done it yourself; again, allowing you to continue to give outstanding patient care without any loss in productivity. Our interface team has products built that will allow you to utilize your tablet template driven patient note and also allow you to dictate a paragraph or line or two and send the voice off to us automatically. The voice file will be transcribed and appear back in the patient record at the point that you dictated it.

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