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General/Medical Searches


Dogpile. All results, no mess.

United States Postal Service - ZIP + 4 Lookup

Medword Transcription - Medical Abbreviations - A-C


Yahoo! Health Medicine

Merriam-Webster Online - Dictionary/Thesaurus

MT Desk - Medical Transcription - Health Professions!

Physician Searches

Elkhart General  (Find a Doctor)

Goshen Health Care (Find a Doctor)

St. Joseph Regional Medical Center (Find a Doctor)

Health Partners Medical Group (Find a Doctor)

St. Anthony Memorial (Find a Doctor)

Riley Children's Hospital Physician Locator

Memorial Hospital and Health System (Find a Doctor)

LaPorte Regional Health System (Find a Doctor)

Yahoo! Yellow Pages (Doctors and Clinics)

Yahoo! Yellow Pages (Hospitals and Care Providers)

Medicine Searches

CVS (Site is currently under construction)

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