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About Professional Transcription Service

Professional Transcription Service is deeply dedicated to our clients. We have established our business with a firm understanding of our goals, an unrelenting commitment to our clients and focusing on our mission.

Our Mission

To give our clients the capability of providing high quality patient care and focus on patients rather than computers, by providing them with transcription services that interface into any electronic record; allowing them to maintain productivity, provide outstanding patient care, and establish an electronic medical record, based on the EHR adoption under the HITECH act.

Our Commitment

Professional Transcription Service is committed to professionalism in our work and willingness to please our clients. We strive to stay abreast of the latest technology, and changing aspects of the medical transcription field and promise to provide the medical community and their patients with quality interpretation, documentation, and communication of medical information.

Our Goals

At Professional Transcription, our goal is to provide you with individualized service that will allow you to keep your patient care at its highest level, produce professional quality documentation of your patient records, save you money, and increase your productivity all while achieving meaningful use compliance as your EMR is automatically populated with your dictation. With the combination of our personal dedication and service, dictation, and the use of our 128 bit encrypted searchable database you will truly be using a system that allows you to conduct business as usual. "A system that allows you to conduct business as usual truly decreases cost."

Our History

Professional Transcription Service, founded in 1987 by Debra Manns-Gardner, has grown to be one of the largest transcription services in the area.  The service starting off as a one person operation, picking up and dropping off of tapes and paper transcribed documents has moved in the direction of digital technology throughout the years.  First taking steps to provide physicians with digital recorders and the capability of sending and receiving dictation/ transcription electronically; to later establish the business where it is today, with the highest technology you can find, allowing them to provide both electronic medical transcription service and interfacing capabilities, automatically populating your electronic medical record for you, but more importantly giving the capability of meeting meaningful use guidelines without changing your day to day operation.

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